Here is the new knowledge plus specific actions you need to build the type of relationship very few men and women ever experience.  Learn everything you need to know about how to share in, and grow a relationship that is never stagnant, but always fresh – spontaneous, fun, affectionate, incorruptible – and above all, truly loving.

It isn’t infidelity, lack of affection, or poor communication that ruins relationships.

These are merely symptoms stemming from this one little-known cause…

For years men and women have labored under crippling ideas about what it takes to build long-lasting, loving relationships.

Just leaf through the countless pages that have been written about the topic and you’ll find as many contradictory ideas about why relationships come crashing down as there are people on this earth.

But contrary to popular belief, there is really only ONE principal reason why relationships fall apart.

Here it is, as simply as it can be said:

The #1 reason why relationships fail is that they are built upon a form of love that you are intended to outgrow.

Said differently, the initial love that brings two people together isn’t intended to be the love that holds it together.

Sure, it’s quite possible that the initial attraction and desire will remain, even as the relationship progresses. But it makes very little difference because it’s an altogether higher form of love that is intended to become the foundation of that relationship.

Now think for just a moment what this means.

It means you don’t have to struggle to restore your relationship to the way it felt before things got tough.

There’s another way.

Why does the initial magic in a new relationship always seem to fade away? Finally there's an explanation... and a solution.

Here’s why relationships based solely upon attraction and desire rarely last…

When we’re first drawn into a new relationship, the love we feel is based primarily on attraction and desire.

We fall in love with the way that person looks. With how she acts. With how he thinks. The kind of affection he or she shows.

This form of love, as sweet as it is, can be disastrous if it remains the entire foundation of the relationship.


Because this form of love can be taken from you without the slightest warning.

And for that reason you’re always on edge. Never at ease.

Constantly wondering if your relationship is still OK, or if it’s on the verge of a break-up.

And what’s worse, by living this way you both become susceptible to all manner of dark and destructive forces. Forces that include: dependency, possessiveness, impatience, hatred, sarcasm, anger, fear, cruelty, despondency, and countless others.

It’s not really a question of IF this happens, but WHEN.

It starts out in small ways at first…

  • Subtle verbal jabs and put-downs.
  • Disagreements that end up with giving the other person the “Silent Treatment.”
  • Sudden indifference and aloofness.
  • Scrutinizing his or her Facebook page for clues about other relationships.
  • A reluctance to communicate openly.

But it always escalates from there, and sometimes may even include…

  • Jealousy that leads to rage.
  • Insisting the other person “choose or lose!”
  • Lies, deception, and infidelity.
  • Embarrassing public outbursts.
  • Extreme demands or possessiveness.

Fortunately, there’s an altogether different kind of love. And it is this higher form of love that can work miracles in your relationships.

And that’s what you’ll learn about in Guy Finley’s groundbreaking new book, Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together.

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3. The one and only means to authentic, permanent forgiveness of yourself and others.

4. The little-known purpose behind all of your relationships, and how to use that understanding to get the most out of each one of them.

5. The prerequisite for unconditional love.

6. How to become an exceptional communicator — whether you’re speaking or listening.

7. Why a human being starts to shut down.

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Answering Life’s Toughest Relationship Questions

It doesn’t matter if the same relationship crisis has hounded you for the last 20 years, there is an answer that will free you from every last bit of that confusion.

Intuitively we sense this is true. But the problem up until now has been finding those answers!

Fortunately, a genuine source of help exists: Best-selling “Letting Go” author, Guy Finley.

For over 35 years, Guy Finley has been sharing the secrets of truly loving relationships—secrets that change your relationships in radical and profound ways.

Guy is one of those rare, authentic teachers in that he presents the complete story You need to change your experience of life. No fairy dust, no woo-woo hocus-pocus.

In fact, Guy has authored more than 40 books and audio programs on self-realization, showing men and women everywhere how to find a life of freedom, enduring fulfillment, and true purpose…

Guy’s works have been featured on both TV and radio, including these major networks…


Here are just a few of the heart-healing, soul-transforming discoveries in this remarkable new book…


  • How to release negative reactions before they wreck everything
  • How to turn heated exchanges into healing turning points
  • How to make a fresh start in the middle of an old argument
  • How to start seeing your partner through brand “new eyes”
  • How to give your partner room they need to grow

With this new understanding you'll discover breathtaking new possibilities for your relationships – possibilities that you never knew existed.

Use This Wisdom in ALL Your Relationships for the Greatest Benefit…

What you’ll learn in Relationship Magic doesn’t just unleash the beauty in close, intimate relationships. It brings out the finest in ALL your relationships.

This includes relationships with:

1. Your spouse or partner
2. Your children
3. Your parents and siblings
4. Your friends and neighbors
5. Your boss and coworkers
6. Your in-laws
…the list goes on and on

Your new understanding will reach out and touch everyone in your life. And those people notice.

They may not realize they notice, but they do. It affects them. They look forward to your visit.

​They go the extra mile to help you when they can. They’re drawn, by some subtle, indescribable magnetism, to WANT to help you.

And each day your life gets better as the direct result of these ever-deepening relationships. So much more to be grateful for.

So much less to worry over.

We Sent An Early Copy of the Book to the Wisest Leaders We Know. Here is What They Had To Say…

“…have healthier and more satisfying relationships…”

“Relationships are what make life worth living, but can also cause our greatest pains. Relationship Magic is a treasure full of practical information that can help you have healthier and more satisfying relationships and a happier life.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD, Founder Amen Clinics, Author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“…Relationship Magic is undeniably captivating…”

“A great love story isn’t like it is in the movies. It’s not picture perfect and it’s not without its flaws, it’s raw and at times complicated. Guy Finley’s Relationship Magic reads as authentic and relatable because it isn’t about fluff and is anything but sugar-coated. It nails the hard stuff that we are scared to talk about and digs into the deep-rooted issues so that a strong foundation for growing and healing can begin. Relationship Magic is undeniably captivating while giving practical and constructive advice for the ages.”
– Francesca Luca, Radio host

“He is practical, poetic and profound…”

“Guy Finley gently turns our faces and hearts toward the light of higher possibilities for a loving relationship. He guides us toward responsibly taking the blame of pain out of our relationships. He kindly teaches us how to meet the moments of discord in self-reflecting ways. He is practical, poetic and profound. Your heart will recognize the truth of his words and as you put them into action, you will never be the same again. You will be free to love with a whole heart.”
– Linda Nichole Carrington, Ph.D., Author of Walking In Power: Liberate Your Past and Get Right With Yourself

“How to have a healthy, fulfilling and uplifting relationship…”

“We need a light if we want to find a precious jewel in a dark and cluttered area. Guy shines a brilliant light on one of life’s most priceless quests: how to have a healthy, fulfilling, and uplifting relationship. He shows us the root causes of why they fail and, more importantly, how they can be set right again. This book will open both your heart and mind.”
– Nayaswami Jyotish, Spiritual Director, Ananda Sangha Worldwide

“Guy issues a radical challenge to the assumption that fights with our partners can be healthy.”

“It’s common wisdom that relationships are hard. They may begin with the magic of romance, but as we start to weave our lives together, tensions inevitably surface. Differing needs, wants, and perspectives are part of every human relationship, and most of us don’t learn how to work through conflict constructively while we’re growing up. Most relationship books reassure us that fights are essential to work out our differences, as long as couples “fight fair.” But in Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together, Guy Finley issues a radical challenge to the assumption that fights with our partners can be healthy.”
– Dr. Laura Markham, Ph.D and Author of Happy Parents, Happy Kids

There's an altogether different kind of love that can work miracles in your relationships.

Here are 6 Life-Changing Skills You’ll Learn in Relationship Magic, Waking Up Together…

1. How to use the differences between you and your partner to become more loving and kind with each other.

2. How to give your partner the room they need to grow.

3. How to bring any argument to a stop, & deepen the bond between you and your partner at the same time.

4. How to break old patterns that turn your relationship into a dark merry-go-round.

5. How to love your partner fully – without the fear of loss – in spite of past failed or painful relationships.

6. How to release negative reactions before they wreck everything.


UPDATE: Since its release, Guy has given dozens and dozens of interviews expounding on the topics and principles contained in the book.

And if you still need more proof that this is the book for you, just listen to this fun and enlightening conversation below…

As Guy clearly explains in the interview, everything that you will learn in Relationship Magic can be instantly applied to your life! Listen now and discover…

  • How relationships are the single greatest, unrecognized spiritual resource in the Universe
  • The true explanation of the movie Jerry McGuire
  • That life continues to show you what you need to see so that you can be more united inwardly
  • More about the endless journey of love

And so much more…

What you’re going to receive in this special book is a powerful understanding that will help you discover an altogether new kind of love in your relationships.

A love that can bring back the simple pleasures and the meaningful connections you once had. It blends powerful wisdom with equally powerful techniques that are easy to understand and simple to apply.

Don’t wait. Take a few moments right now to get your copy of Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together by using the button below to purchase the book.

About Guy Finley

Guy Finley is the bestselling author of more than 45 books and audio albums on self-realization, including The Secret of Letting Go, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, and his newest book Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together. He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit Center for Spiritual Discovery located in southern Oregon where he gives talks three times each week. Guy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, 1440 Multiversity, and is a regular expert contributor to Beliefnet and the Huffington Post.


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